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How Not To Start a Comic #30

Contributed by Kougyoku of Entropia

Kougyoku Says:

What's wrong with it:

1. Blue pen: not good for visibility.
2. Stick figure art. (But at least it's slightly upper quality stick figure art...)
3. Capilisation. Or lack therof.
4. Dissing the reader. That'll keep 'em coming back.
5. That's blue construction paper in the background!

Terotrous says:

There are plenty of clean pieces of paper out there.
You don't have to draw on a ripped one. And if you're using
stick figures to lay out your characters, put them on a different
layer and get rid of them afterwards. And give the other guy a torso.

mcDuffies says:

He said it all. I'll just add that characters don't stand right up, but are leaning on one side. Sometimes authors don't even notice it at first. Good trick is to look at your comic in mirror - that makes all not-right-angles and not-straight-lines more visible.
Pun with ripped paper is kinda cool, if it's already about breaking 4th wall. Problem is, breaking 4th wall ceised to be cool. Forever.

Phalanx says:

One more thing about this 'comic'. It's Boring. I've seen doodles made during lectures that were more scintillating.

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