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How Not To Start A Webcomic #44

Contributed by Keith McDonald.

Keith says:

What's wrong with it:
First, the main character/author of the comic spends the whole comic
pointing and ranting at the reader, with no real action happening.
It's just this one, huge panel. Furthermore, the character/author
is simply insulting the readers and swearing WAY too much.

Also, The rant is also plagued with netspeak ("r"s and "ne1"s) and
overuses exclamation marks. Please, this is not a chat room.
This is a comic. Saving a few seconds isn't worth it here.

mcDuffies says:

Yes, I donít see a point of chatroom speak unless a comic is describing happening in chatroom particularly. Noone speaks like that really. As Keith said, space a couple of seconds to make a decent text, because what you put in a comic will least significantly longer than what you type in chatroom or on forum.
Also, people curse a lot in reality, but if youíre cursing just to make yourself sound cool, well, that is all but cool.
Iíve seen artists try to attract readers by foul language, insulting them, etc. They go to ďno publicity is bad publicityĒ and figure that bad publicity is easier to get than good. Not a good reasoning because most of people are actually annoyed by such behaviour. And in order to became popular by flaming, you have to be very persistent in it. A few comics in that manner wonít make you instantly popular.
However, thereís another reason for such first comic: lack of any other idea. Well, you know how I feel about starting a comic when you havenít got ideas for it.

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